Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Woman A Sagittarius woman is a woman of the most affectionate, eager to spend time with her family and especially with their partner. She is one of the people who are driven by life and love.

The Sagittarius woman is a woman who trusts people who are close to her, which means that she is always surrounded by many people, but some of them will deceive her or are near for interest. However, she knows this and is comfortable with life. She strongly believes in karma and therefore always takes care of her actions with others. She is a woman that you can trust because she is usually without cruel intentions and often, she may have some problems with friends for trying to help when they have not asked her for help. However, friends highly value this characteristic of hers.

In the field of love, it can be said that a Sagittarius woman trusts everyone. She is not one person to start a relationship just because, but if it is easier to get her heart than other women. Therefore, it is often that the first relationships are short lasting because she does not strives to get to know the person, but if she feels attraction, she will start a relationship without thinking.

Women born under this sign, are fairly quiet and most sociable persons. They enjoy being with friends and doing what she wants in life. She likes to have her own space and enjoys taking care of herself. At work, she is a person you will have few problems with, she is as far from competitive and ambitious, and is content with what she has. Yes, she does make every effort to make the results of her work is of the best. She is not a person who is normally leading companies or teams, as it is something that is difficult for her to do. Far from being an organized person, Sagittarius women feel more comfortable when they know what to do in their day to day. She does not like change and prefers to have a stable routine to help her be in balance with life.

A woman that is simple to be with and one with which most of the signs find the happiness they are looking, being at their side.

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Sagittarius woman

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