Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

March 2020

This is a time to have more confidence in yourself. It is a time for optimism, to enjoy the faith you have in yourself. And it is because they are hard hours, problems that may seem insurmountable, but you'll have arrangements, and to be mere anecdotes to the extent that you look within yourself and you are certain of your courage and your importance. It's time to leave those questions about yourself and the scope of your effort. The moon is high in your sky in the third month of the year. A presence that illuminates your steps and you pointing the mistakes you've made. First of all, an exercise is in introspection to reveal to us where we stand, and if the legs are holding us are of clay or metal. Do not see this as evidence of your weakness is either clay or metal, they have benefits and virtues. The metal resists, but Clay is molded, creates, requires no more than the heat of the sun, and is flush with the ground. Sun in opposite transit to Saturn tells us clearly that no matter the size of the challenge we are up to it. Do not bend to toil: we must draw strength from the weakness of the change. The Law of Attraction is clear: for something to happen before you need to create in our minds. For what you want to come to fruition, you need to see yourself in time to conquer that goal. Nothing you can imagine is possible. Imagination is your key to the future, and it is nothing but your faith in yourself being restored.

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