Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

February 2020

Do not skimp when resources resume that project has come back into your dreams as a gateway to something better. No doubt that if you succeed, will. We must return to the path of preparation and training. You have to take stock of your skills and your experience as one who gathers an army. It will be a long battle, but the war is just that you should undertake. And in many places, your only opponent will be yourself. You have to look at the top when it comes to dreaming, and up there this month, in your sky, you are getting to the moon, and she claims that harmful dependencies disappear, and instead learn to follow your instinct and with determination the challenges of life. The Moon also points the way forward, and this path has its address at the bottom of you. There's something left truncated, it's time to address: that dream takes by the urgencies of life, and gives a twist to your destination. Not the best of times, Moon knows. You have many debts to pay and targets to meet, but ... what's the destination without some obstacles against? The test has begun, without you knowing , and now only remains to know if you raise your standard and you show yourself worthy of your dreams ... or not . You must comply with what is asked it should be gathering strength: to dream does it with your feet on the ground. And the fulfillment of your dreams requires preparation, exercise, to bring out your inner heart and up like a torch that lights the night.

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