Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

September 2022

We must look within ourselves and recognize one by one the shortcomings that we have overlooked. Is it the heart, is the lack of courage, and is the lack of effort? And we have to recognize something once: we cannot go it alone in this situation. We need to accept the lending hand from the other side from where fruition tends to come. The Moon announces high in your Sky Sagittarius, and its presence is both a sign and a diagnosis: you need to get out of that stubborn independence in thinking things are going to move to your benefit, and it's time to recognize there's more to you than you can handle it. We are conflicts, we are solutions, we are living and sometimes, in the heat of the day, it is not given to us to find peace we require to reflect on the best course to follow. You're the hunter, the blind archer hits the mark but sometimes that give us light from the others, the guide can be obtained from your experience and wisdom that are needed. Despite our desire for independence, the moon reminds us we are part of a community, a family, a home, a business and just for that fact our anxieties and problems cease to be ours: what we do influences many, and therefore we must stand on the shoulders of many. The moon shines thanks to the reflection of the sun: that's his lesson for us.

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