Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

Know that others are not the enemy, but sometimes (without realizing) will behave as such. With good intentions is how the road to hell is paved. The advice of this period: we must learn to keep our distance. And is that sometimes put meters between us and the efforts of others is the only way to return to each plane we must attend. And it has left the boundaries melt, and those around you and out of your life, ordering and disordering, moving and unpacking an order that has not been easy for you to find. Jupiter, your ruling planet, as opposed to Pluto transit, gives rise to regain your independence. Jupiter is a planet that likes to undertake great works, impossible, risky projects but also a star that values individuality. It is time, then, says Jupiter, of reclaiming your right to fight alone, up in their ship crew to your will and determination. You have to empty the house, work, love of the wrong hands. It's time to grow up, and that means getting your hands dirty, wet, sinking knee-deep in the field in which we plow and give up the aid of which we enjoyed before. There is time for everything to grow and build on the momentum that we give others.

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