Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

July 2021

The Moon dominates your Sky this month, which should put you on alert: no dependencies that are not as they should in a healthy life. I am not talking about a dependency, but on the job that has left you in the depths of your comfort zone. Maybe it's time to shake off the weight of a slab that you have never gotten along. Venus opened the month with a transit to Saturn, a movement that tends to separate from the others and put ourselves in situations that are not always pleasant, because we add a distance without being entirely sure why. However, you sense: is dissatisfaction. You have to throw it out, or otherwise eventually end the enjoyment and of the world. You have to go around but away from this routine. The good news is that by mid-month, your ruling star, Jupiter moves toward Saturn, and this tells us that generate changes in your life, in your professional sphere will be positive, and will leave you on the path of growth. Changes are mixed blessings: in them the relief and duty mingle, and new urgency, and lack bonanza, glare and fear. Yes, it will be difficult, but is it not what want in your life? When at the end of the month, Mars will be quieted in the North Node, the need to understand the changes you are going to produce, and you will realize that what you leave behind was only a temporary phase.

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