Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

May 2023

Do not be swayed by those who place around your area shadows and make you doubt your gifts and abilities. Pessimism is a hard disease that spreads, and you should not expose yourself to it. You have to keep your vision on the future, your faith in yourself and in what you can do. For you, archer, optimism is the test you have for the future so get to work to get what you want. The Moon stands out in your sky high this fifth month of the year and his is a presence that moves you to maintain at a maximum your skills: optimism. Do not let the voices of others change the way you view life. Keep the faith you have in yourself and in the forces that shelter you, because that way the alternatives are constructed: in the hope that something better awaits us. And yes, there comes something much better for you. The Sun turns away from Saturn May 10, and it moves us to greater spiritual openness, greater faith in what is cradled within each of us. It is time that you cling to the certainties that make us individuals: the strength we have to innovate around us, and live a better world for those we love. Do not doubt yourself or what you do: doubt the ones that doubt you, doubt their sincerity and love, as they try to get you off to Earth to spaces that are shared among the mediocre. Only faith in yourself will make you rise above the average and those who do not have the have the courage.

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