Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

January 2023

You have to stop looking outside and concentrate on what matters: your inner life, your emotions, your home. You've had to struggle for a long time with negative influences that have not stopped to shake your certainties, but those incidents will end, and you'll be able to concentrate on your microcosm. This will be a period in which you will learn that there is little struggle; Far from it: the love, are the largest and most needed wins. The Moon stands high in your sky, and it illuminates your most intimate and beloved places: home, family, family ... It's time to invest effort into them, and be of pretexts: it is vital that your enjoyment of the world first on your list of priorities. He hoped that those in conflict with you take the first step. Do not rush, sometimes good intentions destroys the opportunity of an agreement, all lights necessary. Allow others to be who you ask truce or extend an apology is the best strategy in this case; it gives you a margin to negotiate the necessary agreements to move forward in peace and tranquility. So neglected emergencies to impel you Mercury and Mars in their opposed transits: forget separations, breaks in or out. It's time to heal, to unite again, and to meet again in those areas in which we had missed. There are times to dedicate to solitude, away from them and you have to extend our hands and open our arms. No matter the size of the departure: everything can go back to that point where it was balance. Listen to the heart: the best of times is coming for love , if you know it back.

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