Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

October 2021

We must maintain discretion and temperance will weigh a decision that people of higher power will make about your future. You'll fear this ruling and its consequences, but the good news is that you eventually the consequences will not be as severe. In fact, you will live a release. The Moon comes with a clear mandate to your Sky: you must submit to a test. And this is that this month will make decisions without consider you. And they will be decisions that will hurt and will make you want to take paths that you do not want to travel. The Moon is the star of the relationships and ties, and they also make the ruling planet mandates that others have of us. What is the way forward? What attitude should you take? The Moon does not ask for the resignation, but moderation. To something that seems excessive, nothing like meditating on their true effects. And you take a lot for granted. Let the days pass and prevent showing of rebellion or discontent. Let the news you sting and assimilate so from Pluto's hand by day 18th, you will understand that things are not that terrible, and actually going to give you a chance. Take advantage. The Lunation this month will be vital for you to face the changes that are emerging with energy. You'll find the time to get carried away by impulses and the dreams that are coming. The Moon has put this challenge for you to have motive and reason to work hard and make an effort.

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