Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

April 2021

This is a period to be awarded the joy and spontaneity as a way of life. And the archer cannot tolerate large doses of routine in their life. It is necessary from time to time (like now) abandon ourselves into the hands of random, impulsive gestures, and we dare jump without a net. Sometimes the archer must shoot with their eyes closed. Do you dare to do it? It's time to live free. The fourth month of the year when the Moon rises high in the sky. There is a presence that calls us to recover the lost harmony in all areas. And that harmony, in your case, is one that has to do with the recovery of gambling risk, the ritual, the sense of wonder with the desire to let go. We must recover the spontaneity in all areas: to carry out the ideas before they mature, as there are bets that must be made when we invade the blood. Well in that moment there is currently an opportunity in the air. The Sun (the star that blesses those who dare and make the leap without a net) moves away from Saturn away from the brooding, and that movement must move to action above any other consideration. Not to be enclosed under the alibi of caution. This is the time to take the risk. So look for the other, signing, sale, contract, acceptance, admission and ask what you thought impossible, as the stars are on your side to not only get what you deserve, but what you're willing to get. The Sun blesses your courage and bravery. Do not hesitate.

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