Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

December 2023

How can those who you want to meet this month? It's simple ... and complicated at the same time. And in this last month of the year which will count will be your initiative. No leave it to others who point out the direction: it is time for action arises from your movement, your first step, your will. You have before you a great opportunity to be who start or turn off the heat ... And you know there is no greater responsibility than that. Meditate before giving them your steps, but do not move towards where the role expected of you. This month the Sun stands out in your sky high and this puts you at a high energy level, vital, luminous. You blaze of life and strength, and have to channel that energy into what counts, which can transcend. Mercury moves toward Mars in transit will bring you news and urgent demands necessary. It will be time for you to put in command of a company. This can be of various kinds: a job, a family, a relationship ... Whatever, you should take the reins are placed in your hands, and act with determination and steady hand. And the carriage you are the charioteer pulled by two horses, one white and one black. One chooses a path, and another the opposite. Both have the same force and pulling cart in opposite directions. What to do? Use your prerogative as a jockey. It is up to you to set the pace and choose the course. Nothing more, nothing less. No matter the nature of your choice: matter, now that you dare to choose.

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