Sagittarius Characteristics

Sagittarius Characteristics Element: Fire.
Ruling planet: Jupiter.
Metal: tin.
Day of the week: Thursday.
Perfumes: the violet ones.
Color: green.
Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 and 54.

People governed under the sign of Sagittarius are the most positive people in the zodiac, they are highly versatile and they love the adventure and the unknown, they are people who have an open mind to most things, to new ideas and experiences, always maintain an optimistic attitude even when the situation is somewhat difficult. They are completely reliable, honest, kindhearted and sincere people who are always willing to fight for good causes, even when those seem lost, and no matter what.

Sagittarius people are people who believe in ethics and they even like to follow the rites of a religion, a political party or of an organization, thanks to this Sagittarians, they may have some superstitious tendencies sometimes. Sagittarians love to start all kinds of new projects and learn about new things and are fairly intuitive and are very good organizers, although they can be very generous they are very careful which makes them excellent managers of situations and projects.

Sagittarius at Work, Thanks to the natives of this sign that have different skills, they can succeed in many professions, these are excellent teachers and preachers, thanks to their ability to investigate the unknown helps them to become excellent scientists, people governed under this sign can also get to succeed as lawyers, in political, public relations, advertising, in music and in sports, because of the risk they to take risks, they can become airline pilots or race car drivers.

Sagittarius in Love
Persons belonging to the Sagittarius sign feel great fascination to new sexual experiences, they are quite effusive to demonstrate their emotions, a fact that can be a little overwhelming for some people since Sagittarians always need that touch and that beautiful word that makes their hearts joyful.

Sagittarians are also very honest and open, but the need for freedom makes them completely incompatible with some signs of the zodiac that fail to understand that and without the ability to liberate these, they cannot become truly happy.

Areas for improvement: people born under the sign of Sagittarius are usually so optimistic that they can even be irresponsible or superficial, or careless or restless.

Do not make him angry: if you do not want to see a Sagittarius upset, do not try to tie him to any situation, Sagittarians also tend to dislike having to worry about details.

Sagittarius Characteristics

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