Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

From March 23 to March 29

Work: The planning of the future, being this trip, a change or simply an exit or vacations is very important mostly because cross a moment uncertain. Organize yourself and it harmonizes your life. It analyzes his day and it writes how many times it has outlined a smile and how many times it has laughed. In couples already formed, the daily scene with a passion born suddenly because of one will be shaken praised dispute and later reconciliation. It is totally dedicated to analyze the economic imbalances and to correct errors committed in the labor plane. One does not move away or your affection, try to balance his times.

Love: One will face deep sadnesses and distances that will have to surpass for power to advance in love. Keep yourself it signs with your partner, does not allow that one moves away or your side, protects his future and the one or your beloved ones. The freedom of thought and action always leads to success, to the creative being, the imaginative solutions and the different and daring projects. Although at the beginning of they will generate some short circuits, this week promises great pleasures to share with the relationship. In his hands you will be the task of restoring the balance or your home… Gifts can the life change yourself. One does not worry and try to bear the moment with optimism or some pleasant activity.

Health: It standardizes his day towards one more a more healthful life and in harmony, choose to begin a sport, a diet or simply it implements a daily long walk. If well it is accompanied, better. The future it demands to put yourself to work, to enter continuous movement, to communicate, to take advantage of the own talent, to assume the risk of losing to win, to suffer for being happy, to fall to learn to walk. You will have to calm not to undergo his consequences. The routine life will be surpassed by a great romanticism will cover that them and fortify its bonds. To leave back to sadnesses and losses is not easy task, but a significant work is a task finally whom there is to realize for power to fulfill of the Universal the supreme mandate: to live.

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