Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

From September 25 to October 1

Work: It puts limit to the daily conflicts. The risk does not run of being dismissed because of your temper. It puts everything on the balance if you must make major decisions. It forges his future conscientiously. For that they work of independent way you will not be so easy in these days since there will be payment arrears. Try to rest the necessary thing. Mediate on your possibilities of change, the profit of abundance can be obtained if it puts your entire positive energy in the accomplishment of real goals, own and meditated solely. The discipline will be very necessary not to leave the rules; to accept what it has signed will be very necessary today. The illegal actions will be punished, without place to pardon.

Love: You will have to begin a different relation with your partner, from a more spiritual point of view, and thus both will carry out a leading role in life of the other. As far as the destiny, remember that nothing totally is programmed and can change the course and to take another way when is ready for it and it decides it. Good moment generally for the fall in love with ones. Exits and strolls are going to improve, and much, the communication. Possibility of long trip, with promise of surprises in the way. Try to be happy and for sharing with yours. Stop worrying about things that cannot change. It is a moment for being decisive, brave, and active.

Health: Avoid the auto-medication. The entire relations initiated during this day will be superficial. The dance and music are very liberating… and can arrive, from your practice to know or to find life ways that before remained hidden… manages to move your body so that certain things move in your interior and celebrate your style by yourselves, obtaining always favorable consequences in the long run. You will be barren and look for the shelter that only finds in your internal peace, a short trip will fortify your body of unthought forms. Later a little shadier and more conflicting will come days, but you will have accumulated energy to solve them well…

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