Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

From February 19 to February 25

Work: Rapid solutions will not find, must use your entire inventiveness to leave windy problems. Think in it as if a riddle one was and you will be able to solve it successfully. Forget about your whims and obsessions. Try to focus the mind about your great creativity and stops criticizing the fellow, wastes too much energy and valuable time in it. As boomerang the negativity is going to return and you will give back to you more of the same. Angers will have finished and calm will return. The time arrived finally to be able to enjoy its businesses, gains harmonically and of the space of work, and mostly with constructive dialog.

Love: Challenge for the affective life, considers all l9os intervening factors in your relation and in how you can modify them so that this Improves. Some frictions in door but nothing important like for a rupture, nevertheless must be able to control the situation. Do not allow that the fears direct your life, of this missed way to live will lose the wonderful opportunity to be same you, to achieve his longed for objectives but, to make reality your dreams, to love with all intensity and to receive love volume for which he is destined in the world. It is that it has something more important to do today?

Health: Deliver and free yourself from many conflicts and deliver yourself to love and to the possibility of enjoying the day, in the present time, of now. The art of being happy is its reach, if you know to love, if it becomes the source of unconditional love each other´s towards yours and, happiness will enter its house that same moment in which it includes/understands that all source of happiness comes love of the, the rest arrives, always, to give to yourself some those who it. The Fundamental Laws of the Universal, the 7 Laws for success and the Law of Attraction are of your side… as long as also you are on your side.

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