Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

From August 19 to August 25

Work: As today Mars you will obtain that it revives flames causing conflicts and aggressions between couples and subordinates. Try to badly warn and not to leave unemployed this day. You will find that the life tests in this sense time and time again, to be able to advance grows next to these experiences of life. The businesses and working life can be unbalanced today easily, try to maintain a profile low, to spend this moment of insecurity. Everything does not need to live to leave to a legacy… each must look for your personal way in life. Try to find his or your being at heart, not in the opinions of the society or the family, and much less in the fashionable slogan!

Love: Your partner will emotionally comfort you and that shall strengthen your relationship. You will have very intense intimate moments, you must beware, if are not preparations leg to have a son. You will have to open your heart and to forget old woman loves that will not lead it anywhere. And in this period you will learn to surpass inhibitions and fears that are very ingrained. Advance in your projects of embellishment of the home. On the other hand they will have to watch its jealousy if they do not want to have disadvantages with the relationship and ruining this perfect idyllic moment. The married unions will be favored, like thus also the loving relations that just begin, but care, since during the first weeks of this new relation might arise bad understood, the communication and sincerity from the beginning is fundamental.

Health: It finds an activity new to which to spend your personal time, something that for interests to you much, although is not productive. Do not leave of side the spiritual aspect or your life, since one will become an incomplete being, and incapable to watch yourself, to yourself incapable to choose a better and incapable way of car to value yourself as it corresponds. The key of the today is in the self-esteem, which gives confidence and increases your loving and labor capacity. And be open friendly, without being self-centered. When it is created less than what is despising the Universal creation of the, throwing divine time and losing its chances of success, wealth, love, personal growth, greater self-esteem, etc.

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