Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

From July 26 to August 1

Work: You will have to yield part of its independence after personal and professional growth, in the long run will result in gains and prosperity to you. Work continues without great interferences of third parties, in any case do not lower the guard, we lived difficult times. Benefit of your gifts and acts consequently. In his natural talents you will find the answer to all conflicts. You deal to be more responsible with his expenses, at least in these days… At this moment labor You will be very sensible, excessively touching. Take care of yourself of misfortunes or encounter with people who can hurt it or deceive it. Try to spend this moment in labor harmony and for sharing good periods with friends.

Love: The loving life follows its course natural, and this week is simply the logical projection of the previous week. Do not neglect about your partner, if it has keep it or it changes radically but of conscious and responsible form, like an adult. The traditional couples will surpass the boredom that came for a long time suffering, for you will be dedicated plus the one to the other with solidarity and tenderness, this greater understanding will bring new airs to the relation. For this reason, you must put more energy in the attainment of your true dreams, personal way of natural and own growth with true opportunities that lead to the concretion of your true desires.

Health: Today rest of your life is the first day of the… begins then to focus yourself in your desires, small and simple desires, like: own a healthy body, to be able to walk on the turf with the naked feet, to enjoy a dusk, to see rain, to feel the air… all those natural pleasures, those miracles whereupon the paid homage Nature us every day, and that, from our ignorance, we do not know… will make him see where it is stopped really. Dreaming completes freedom and do not repress, design your life according to the new values that you have been analyzing in your inner side for a long time. Planets are on your side.

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