Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

From January 23 to January 29

Work: Possibilities of increase in the income, as much by improvement in the businesses like by inheritance or donation on the part of some relative. Only renew the hope day to day, swearing to be happy today… and for following in the search of love firm, the health and the wealth for they surround which it, to know how to ask is to manage to find and to receive. In the law to give it is the answer to the entire orders, the planets only listen when one knows to ask and to cross the way of the dreams… with firmness can make them reality, this month is very propitious… The economic situation can put something conflicting east end of the month, although new income prosper will be necessary to save.

Love: In the social life there will be doubts, suspicions and ambiguities in life of the sheep. Beware with the discussions that do not arrive at majors. To socialize with new people will be able to result in finding somebody relative by marriage to your heart, does not neglect these moments that can be very important for your future. Ideal moment to analyze the image that you project to the world and the one you want to generate, good moment to begin to do necessary changes, several opportunities in this day to do it, making decisions different from the impulsive ones.

Health: The emotional tensions generated by discussions can derive in hypertension, is more prudent with your health, YOU. It is not Superman. The way of success knows already it journeyed, it and it was lost, as a child perhaps and do not remember… so many directives, so many mandates and contradictory orders, in the house and she school, so many social addresses, so many unexpected, unforseeable ways, improvised… all a life without sense and clear targets. Today it is a good day to begin to clarify your ideas, a friend can help it in the way of the truth exceeds same You, listen with attention… You will have to take care of yourself of actually not suffering some accident of a sport or physical activity. Today take it with calm.

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