Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

From December 2 to December 8

Work: Necessary strength will come to put certain things in your place, to request labor ascents, to clarify situations from the past, to discover lies or deceits. You can be good moment to become independent. The routine life will be surpassed by a great romanticism will cover that them and fortify its bonds. The Universe will compensate with peace, harmony and sustained growth. You will know to search carefully them so that nothing you need, using his creativity and imagination, although the money is little. This learning (or training) will be to you very useful in the future knowing how to administer your goods with increased responsibility. The law practice to give and to receive, giving what more you want.

Love: Many of the things have that it tied or handle as priorities are not them and delay your happiness. An affirmation to put in practice today: I am a conscious traveller carefree and, a father, a lover, enamoring, a companion, an inhabitant of a world that loves to be better… an of the Universal citizen who inhabits this earth and this time, a decided traveller to achieve my objectives. Ask to yourself: Alive with open eyes to the change? These native ones, they will show in private your feelings, and thus you will surprise know those who it well, since the native ones have a little one and until null capacity to express your feelings.

Health: In this day it is in risk of suffering different accidents in the domestic tasks or traffic accidents, due to the distraction and the impatience. If one stays in calm will move away these ominous possibilities, it is in his hands. The necessary energy for success owns and abundance amusingly, without effort, naturally. You must reach the necessary attention, the spiritual power to you allows to be present and wide-awake, to be able to take advantage of the coincidences, those unexpected miracles, those chances that some call and others synchrodestiny, simply, good luck… Use the Law of Attraction to recreate your destiny, day to day, in the attainment of the money and happiness that needs.

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