Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

June 2024

Jupiter, your ruling planet and finds the sun that gives you fulfillment in all levels: love, family and career. We must expand, create new opportunities, and navigate new waters and all this in order to restore the balance you need. And is that recent times that have been moved to the archer. The winds have not blown to your favor, and on more than one occasion you have felt far from lucky. Your good times, you know, are to come: at the beginning of the month, Venus and this affects your loving spirit is with Saturn. Time to give the heart what the heart desires however, we must be careful because sometimes the romance takes us through terrain that we should not walk through. It is not easy to bet on yourself, but always keep in mind that you are your best asset. Do not close the possibilities that bring you to be the person you've always wanted to be. It's your time. By the 17th, the Sun in Jupiter define your best time: the concretions. It's time to stop dreaming and move towards the frontiers of yourself. Do not accept any limitation: says who you are and walk the path to growth. Do not let anyone tell you where you should stop. It should be the path that will take you beyond where you belong. The month ends with Venus giving back to Saturn, indicating that love is not the center of the agenda. We must raise the romance, and not settle for mediocrity.

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