Sagittarius and Taurus

The compatibility between the signs of Sagittarius and Taurus is the best, because although seem very different signs, know how to let each have their space. Taurus are people who like to be at home and with the family and love intimacy, while Sagittarius are completely different. Far from creating problems between them, the understanding between them, offer a bit of fun to Taurus, who needs it and gives Sagittarius the time he needs with his friends.

Taurus is a very jealous with their partner and Sagittarius is going to feel more than flattered when he sees the first signs of jealousy of Taurus, although he will know how to calm him smoothly. Taurus will bring to the relationship point of caution that Sagittarius does not have at the time to take risks, but he must be careful not to get carried away by pessimism that Taurus usually has. Both signs have a strong will and are people are stable partners, so they can get everything that they want. It may be possible that Taurus’s pessimism affect the achievements in the labor and economics area, but will great for them to avoid dangerous situations.

On the sexual plane, Taurus is not a demanding person and enjoys everything, so they will not have many problems. Both offer to the other what they know they like best.

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