Sagittarius and Cancer

Cancer and Sagittarius are quite opposite signs, but attract each other, which makes relationships be frequent but not the long lasting type. They are short-term relationships that are enjoyable, but somewhat complicated in the long term. Cancer and Sagittarius are Fire and Water signs, which means they are complementary but also opposites.

Cancer also is influenced by the moon, which offers an unstable and highly variable nature. This is one of the problems with Sagittarius, as this is one of the people who are looking for stability and security in their relationships, which is not always found in Cancer. On the other hand, they are signs that love with all of their heart and like to have a social life, Sagittarius more than Cancer, but if they know how to have good relationships with friends, they will also feel more connected by sharing more. If they want their relationships to work and can get on with his life and many accomplishments, both should make an effort to understand the other, which will seem to be tricky at first.

Cancer will be a key part of these unions, as well as the ability to adapt to Sagittarius. However, the sexual aspect, the chemistry between them makes them be one for the other, which makes them enjoy as they will not with anyone else. They are people who like to innovate and show their love through their body.

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